Pressure Tour 2015 is over!

by mulctpv

Our 13-day tour is over.
We have played shows in great venues, ate delicious food and met wonderful people in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Belarus. We also had a great record release show in our hometown with friends in SOM-57, Coat, kusto. and Deadly Bells.

Our “thank you” goes to Sarukas, Ivo and Ugis, Anna and Anna, Erik and the crew, Juraj and Analog Freaks, Dragan and Septic (Живели!), Mark, Jakub and Not Positive Collective, Radek, Przemek, Stas, our best friends who shared the van with us – Dima, Mitya, Pavel, Tanya and Viktor – and eveyrone who cooked delicious food for us, gave us a place to crash, showed us around, shared the stage with us, just talked to us and watched our performerance. You know it’s hard to mention every person you’ve met during the tour, but we are really happy that we had an opportunity to spend time with you guys! Hope to see you again and again! Thanks for the memories (as Fall Out Boy said).

No “thank you” goes to those who complicate tour booking and make it really hard for bands to exist. To those who ignore e-mails and private messages, instead of simply answering “no”, which would save band’s time and won’t take more than 5 seconds of your fucking life. Be kind to people who work hard and reply even if you don’t fucking care about being a good guy. Just don’t complicate the thing. You’re not a fucking great promoter to recieve even 5+ requests per day, so be kind not to ignore people.

– Mulct crew