Mulct that shit

No Edge Powerviolence from Belarus

New jersey shirts??? Si, por supuesto.

Normally we don’t put out merchandise (the last bag of shirts was sold out about a year ago), so we decided to make new jerseys for those who care about the band.
The print was designed by our friend Roma from, and the jerseys were released by OUTCAST Merchandise.
S/M/L, €16 or $20. If you want some, drop a letter to

Have fun!

Jersey Shirt


Finally playing some shows

26/09/14 – Minsk @ Салтайм13/10/14 – Minsk @ TBA

Split w/ GetCold – Special Edition

Hi boys!
Several days ago I’ve recieved a first bunch of new split tapes from Jott of Knochentapes, and I was super fucking happy with the quality of sound (cheers dude!).
As we really love the guys who support us and our music, we decided to make a special edition of the split… just for fun. This edition includes up to 5 random stickers, split tape and all this shit wraped with thin carton paper. Limited to 10 (and one is already gone). Availible only at shows, or contact me directly. Enjoy!

Split Tape Split Special Edition Split Special Edition

Day of Despair IV

Suddenly we’re playing a show after a long silent pause since October’13.
Meanwhile 6 new songs for the LP are ready!

15/06/14 – Minsk @ Салтайм

Need a free flyer design? Get in touch!

Hey dudes! If you or your friends make shows and need a free flyer – you can always drop a line at or
We draw really fast and ask for nothing in return!
See you!El Chulito Art

The Split is out on Knochentapes (Germany)!

If you wish to own a copy, hurry up and grab one of 60 tapes that our friend from Knochentapes made for you guys!
Tape Lyrics

New GetCold \ Mulct Split is online!

Mulct has joined forces with crazy-ass ukrainian grindviolence boys from GetCold! Tapes are out soon on Knochentapes (Germany).
Our part of the split can be downloaded for free via our bandcamp page! The whole split is availible through MediaFire.