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Mulct likes to drink

MULCT is a four-piece powerviolence act hailing from Minsk, Belarus. Their first release “KYLAK” was available in September of 2012 and put out in early 2013 by a Czech label called RAHUA TURVA. The release was supported by the band’s very first video at “SAMPCUSTOMCHANNEL”. The first release was followed by a pre-tour tape titled “TURNIQ”, which was performed in public at band’s first shows in Ukraine during the Winter Tour in January of 2013. Later this year, after playing a few shows in Belarus the last chapter of the trilogy was put out under the name of “KUCHER”.
In 2014 a lovely German friend who runs a label called KNOCHENTAPES put out a limited edition tape of MULCT’s split with nice Ukrainian people from GETCOLD.
2015 was quite a busy year for MULCT as their 14-song brand new album called “PRESSURE” was out in April and supported by a 13-day tour around Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Belarus. “PRESSURE” was announced on February 19th and accompanied by a debut video of the album’s first song called “FALSE AIDANT”.